Friday, March 21, 2014

Diverging Diamond Interchanges: Welcome to the Next Road Design Freakout

First roundabouts, now diverging diamonds: WisDOT's new design for Brown Deer Road/I-43 interchange. (Wisconsin Business Journal, 3/20/2014)

How does a 'diverging diamond' work?   It means drivers approaching the highway on Brown Deer Road would cross over the centerline and drive on what is traditionally the left, or wrong, side of the street while on the overpass bridge. At the opposite end of the bridge, they would be directed back onto the right side of the road. The crossover points would be regulated by intersections with stop lights.

Got a feelin' that, at a minimum, the "wrong side of the road" flow might be too much for some people to handle.

"The diverging diamond interchange" even has an official website.

And at least one vociferous critic.

The 'Diverging Diamond' Interchange Is an Abomination.  (The Atlantic, 11/8/2011)

The song has nothing to do with any of this; it's just one that I've always like and haven't heard in years.

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