Friday, December 27, 2013

What Would Jesus Say About This Latest Christmas Brouhaha?

That it's is all about getting your gifts delivered by Christmas, no matter when they're ordered?

I hardly think so.

Maybe this sounds familiar.

After Carriers Falter, Questions for Web Shopping.  (The New York Times, 12/26/2013)

Dammit!  Christmas just went down the toilet.   Todd Sawicki, an entrepreneur in Seattle, ordered several items from Amazon on Dec. 23 and paid extra to get guaranteed delivery on Christmas Eve. On the 24th, a package arrived via U.P.S. from Amazon, and he figured it was the gifts — Legos for his son, and a bracelet and headphones for his wife. 

Far from it. Inside was a toilet repair valve he had ordered earlier.

Peter's not talking about the kind of gift that's wrapped up in pretty paper.

And finally.....

A big helping of self serving.  At the same time, customers aren’t willing to pay for it. “The thing people care about more than fast shipping is free shipping,” Ms. [Krista] Clark [eMarketer analyst] said.

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