Thursday, December 26, 2013

According to Robin Vos, the Wisconsin Constitution is Inviolable When It Comes to Redistricting

Wisconsin unlikely to see redistricting reform any time soon. (Wisconsin Public Radio News, 12/25/2013)

Photo credit:  Wisconsin State Legislature

On the other hand, everything's okey-dokey when it fits his agenda.

Assembly Joint Resolution 48 (co-sponsored by 26 Republicans)
Proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the offices of Secretary of State and State Treasurer.

Assembly Joint Resolution 67 (co-sponsored by 26 Republicans)
Proposed constitutional amendment to change how the selection of the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is determined.

Assembly Joint Resolution 79 (co-sponsored by 31 Republicans)
Proposed constitutional amendment, model legislation provided by the American Legislative Exchange Council, to require a supermajority to approve any tax increases.

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