Friday, October 11, 2013

Alice Munro, 2013 Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature

Photo source: Press Image of Alice Munro, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature from the official website. 
Author:   Derek Shapton

Master of the Intricacies of the Human Heart.  Alice Munro, Nobel Winner, Mines the Inner Lives of Girls and Women. (The New York Times, 10/10/2013)

Excerpt: That is also a perfect description of Ms. Munro’s quietly radiant short stories — stories that have established her as one of the foremost practitioners of the form. Set largely in small-town and rural Canada and often focused on the lives of girls and women, her tales have the swoop and density of big, intimate novels, mapping the crevices of characters’ hearts with cleareyed Chekhovian empathy and wisdom.

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