Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who is Suzy Citizen and Why is She Saying Those Terrible Things About GRRL?

Great River library board closes investigation into flier. (, 9/18/2013)

Excerpt: The flier from "Suzy Citizen" criticized management decisions and encouraged library patrons to contact the board of trustees about restructuring within the organization.

An investigation by attorney Michelle Soldo, which cost the Great River Regional Library $4780, did not uncover her identity.

Minnesota State Statutes.  Chapter 13, Government Data Practices.

Apparently, 'Suzy' shared confidential information in the flier she surreptitiously distributed in the library.

The name 'Suzy', whether spelled with a 'y' or 'ie', instantly brings to mind this great CCR song from their debut album.

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