Saturday, September 14, 2013

Trinity Church, Boston

Construction of this monumental edifice commenced in April 1873 and was dedicated in February 1877.  The church was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, whose set the standard for a revival in the Romanesque style of architecture.  Trinity Church is considered his masterpiece.  Walking into the sanctuary is the only convincing I needed to confirm this assessment.

I imagine that the church's squat, bulky, heavy appearance dominated the skyline of the Back Bay neighborhood through the remainder of the 19th century and perhaps a few decades into the 20th.

That's certainly not the case anymore.

Although the 60-story, glass-sheathed Hancock Place (1976) towers over Copley Square, it does nothing to diminish Trinity Church's prominence.

The building between the stone church and glass tower is the Berkeley Building (1947), a.k.a. the Old John Hancock Building.

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