Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christopher Quinn Presents His Research on "The Smart Librarian Type of Woman"

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Is this the guy?

The text of this just-plain-bizarre video:

The Smart Librarian Type of Woman

The smart librarian type of woman -- worth a second look? What type of woman do you prefer? Do you like the smart, librarian type who is studious and well read? Or do you prefer the vixen who dresses sexy at all times, is flirtatious and is desired by almost every guy she meets? But perhaps you desire the attractive career woman who has purpose and drive; someone who can not only be a good girlfriend but also be a financial partner as well?

The Smart Librarian Type of Woman

If you chose the smart librarian type here are some things to look forward to and to look out for!

If you choose the librarian type you will be with a woman who is well read, very focused and more than likely very conservative. She may be attractive, but in that unique nerdy style that many woman carry off so well. More than likely these types are home bodies and not prone to the night club scene.

The Smart Librarian Type of Woman

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Some drawbacks of dating this type of girl are that she may be boring at times. She may also be a prude in bedroom, which would be a deal breaker for most men. She may also expect you to be as well read or as interested as she is when attending museums or plays.

The Smart Librarian Type of Woman

I have dated many librarian types in my dating days and found most to be fun and interesting at first, but after some time I would get bored and eventually just end the relationship.

Something to think about!

Good Luck

The Smart Librarian Type of Woman

Not attracting eyeballs.

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