Sunday, September 15, 2013

Buffalo Skyway

Constructed in the mid-1950s, the Buffalo Skyway*, a 1.4-mile, 110-foot-high bridge, connect the downtown harborfront area and points south via state highway 5.  It provides a panoramic view of the skyline, which includes numerous grain elevators, some of which are still in operation, such as the cluster owned by General Mills (Gold Medal, shown below).

*Article needs to be updated, but I provide the link so you can read about the suggestion to remove the Skyway.  (Not likely to happen.)


Yesterday afternoon, our Buffalo friends Tony and Andrea took JoAnna and me on a walking tour of Canalside, a $275 million redevelopment project in progress at the western terminus of the Erie Canal.  The Skyway supports obscure the view.  Eventually, at least according to the renderings I have seen, this area of the city should provide a sampling of something along the lines of San Antonios's River Walk.  


Our stroll at this point had taken us away from the main activity area, and nearly a mile from where we had to park.  It's become quite the popular gathering place.  Downtown Buffalo appears to be on the upswing after along fallow period.

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