Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Romancing the Governor of Iowa

Not on the calendar yet.

Gov. Scott Walker will take part in Iowa governor’s fundraiser.  (Fox6Now, 8/20/2013)

Excerpt:    Republican Terry Branstad [not yet on the Gov's calendar yet either]  is hosting a fundraiser on Sept. 24 at a Washington, D.C., GOP hot spot, the Capitol Hill Club, according to an invitation obtained by CNN. A slate of heavy hitters is expected to attend, including Sens. 
  • Ted Cruz of Texas, 
  • Rand Paul of Kentucky and 
  • Marco Rubio of Florida, and 
  • Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. 
Also listed on the invitation are other potential GOP presidential hopefuls including 
  • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and 
  • Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. 
But all three are unable to attend.  (Hmm, where's the love here?)

I guess they have to catch up with him first.

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