Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Soft-Spoken Eydie Gorme Tries to Stump the "What's My Line?" Panel

The show is from early 1964.   In her introduction of Steve Lawrence, Arlene Francis makes reference to his starring in the Broadway musical version of "What Makes Sammy Run?", which opened on February 27, 1964.

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Gerard said...

Someone on Facebook posted this a couple days ago regarding Steve and Eydie,
My wonderful Uncle Jim, (James Redmond), told me the most incredible story. He was stationed in Korea during the Korean War. His small band of troops were all young guys, homesick and a bit scared. They were on a small hill, when suddenly they heard singing. Who came over the hill but Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence. They entertained these young guys for a while. Uncle Jim said that it uplifted their spirits so much.