Monday, July 1, 2013

Philip E. Slater, 1927-2013

Philip E. Slater, Social Critic Who Renounced Academia, Dies at 86. (The New York Times, 6/29/2013)

Excerpt: Philip E. Slater, a social critic and author, pursued success in the conventional way in the first half of his life. He studied hard, graduated from Harvard, became a tenured professor of sociology and wrote a best-selling book, “The Pursuit of Loneliness.”

The book, published in 1970, warned that a national cult of individualism and careerism threatened to turn America into a country of hypercompetitive loners ruled by tyrants.

Bill Dahl calls it an American sociological classic.

The Madison Public Library owns the only copy in LINKcat, and there are 2 holds on it.  

Make that 3.   I just placed a hold.

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