Sunday, July 7, 2013

Facebook Post Got Me to Wondering About Library Proctoring Policies

Charging for this service, in particular.

According to its Reference Services Policy, the Middleton Public Library does not charge for proctoring.  During my last few years there, we probably averaged  2-3 exams per week.  A list of procedures was kept at the reference desk.
What follows are the results of a Google search Wisconsin libraries proctoring policies

The Slinger Community Library has a very thorough Exam Proctoring Policy.  Charges appear to be limited to the following:   Any costs for printing, postage and faxing will be charged at the current rate per page to the test-taker.

The Franklin Public Library's description of its proctoring exams service does not mention a fee.  Neither does the Baraboo Public Library, in a much briefer statement.

The Menasha Public Library include "proctoring exams" on a list of services offered but provides no specifics.

The Monona Public Library does not charge for proctoring services.  Its Proctoring Examinations policy states that .... In an effort to support the goal of lifelong learning and as a public service, the Monona Public Library provides proctoring services during Library hours. Individuals who wish to have an exam proctored must be a registered SCLS library cardholder in good standing.

The Monroe Public Library's webpage on Exam Proctoring makes no mention of a fee.   It's the first time, though, that I've encountered a proctoring process that does not require an appointment be made in advance.

The Oak Creek Public Library and the Racine Public Library charge a fee of $25 per exam.

Watertown Public Library?  Hard to say.  Need someone to proctor your exam? We can help. Any of our reference staff can proctor your exam. If you have questions, just call us. 

The West Bend Community Library charges for faxing and printing exams.

The Verona Public Library does not charge a fee.  This Proctoring Services Application is provided on its webpage.

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