Saturday, July 6, 2013

DVD and CD Dispenser at the Lester Public Library in Two Rivers

Changes impact flow at Two Rivers library. (Manitowoc Herald-Times-Reporter. 7/3/2013)

Excerpt: You might have noticed an array of black boxes lurking behind the desk. These boxes, or pods as they are technically called, house our entire DVD and young adult music collections. Both DVD and YA containers sit on the shelf empty because these highly popular collections are prone to theft. When you pick the case off the shelf and bring them up front to check-out, we scan the empty case and the proper DVD or CD pops out of the corresponding pod.

LAT-Stena fact sheet

A couple of "playful" videos from LAT (Library Automation Technologies Inc.)

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Gerard Saylor said...

I thought about buying those but went with locking cases instead.