Thursday, May 30, 2013

Denver Public Library Security Manager on the TV Hot Seat

Denver library failing to report sex crimes.  (, 5/30/2013)

Denver Public Library policies
  • Child Safety
    • Access to children's area
    • Parent expectations and responsibilities
    • Staff responsibilities
  • Computer and Internet
    • DPL's role
    • Internet filters
    • Confidentiality and privacy
    • Customers' responsibility
    • Children and the Internet
  • Library Use
    • Protect library property
    • Ensure a safe and secure environment
    • Provide and comfortable land welcoming environment
    • Maintain a healthy and clean environment
    • Enforcement

Oregon's Multnomah County Library Behavior Rules clearly and concisely describes how staff enforce the most serious offenses that take place at any of the library's locations.

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