Friday, April 19, 2013

Scott Walker, Keystone Pipeline Cheerleader

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No, Guvnah, the proposed pipeline will carry 830,000 of oil per day.

And p[lease give me 3 examples of how Wisconsin will benefit from this out-of-state job growth.

Cornell Global Labor Institute Study Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create Few Jobs

The report concludes that the job estimates put forward by TransCanada are unsubstantiated and the project will not only create fewer jobs than industry states, but that the project could actually kill more jobs than it creates. 

Main findings include: 
  • The project budget that has a direct impact on U.S. employment is between $3 and $4 billion or about half of what industry claims. 
  • 50% or more of the steel pipe, the main material input used for Keystone XL, will be manufactured outside of the U.S. 
  • Jobs will be temporary and between 85-90% of the people hired to do the work will be non-local or from out of state. 
  • The Perryman study, which estimates around 119,000 (direct, indirect and induced) jobs is a poorly documented study commissioned by TransCanada. 
  • Job losses would be caused by additional fuel costs in the Midwest, pipeline spills, pollution and the rising costs of climate change. Even one year of fuel price increases as a result of Keystone XL could cancel out some or all of the jobs created by the project.
If you do a word search for "Wisconsin" in the Perryman study, you come up empty-handed.

Where are the projected jobs?

What the Guvnah meant to say was, "Wisconsin residents have an opportunity to benefit from this job growth by moving to Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas."

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