Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What about this option? Browse, ask staff members for guidance at the library.

The New York Times, 2/12/2013

I guess the New York Times is saying, "So much for that opening."

Libraries also have good websites to read, such as the....

Recommended "Staff Reads" was always -- and still is -- a popular feature at the Middleton Public Library.  

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Terry Dawson said...

There are several non-news items here:
- the media will marginalized or ignore us
- we need to market like hell, e.g. Staff picks, etc.
- Goodreads is pretty cool and useful. OWlLSnet links bib records from Infosoup to Goodreads. Among my Goodreads friends, there are lots of librarians, local state and national.

There's useful stuff here, but as always, we need to think about how to use it and tell our patrons about, because the media won't tell 'em.