Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gretchen, Have I Got an Eye-Opener or Two for You!

Read about these takers, Gretchen.

United States of Subsidies.  (A New York Times investigative report.)
  • As Companies Seek Tax Deals, Governments Pay High Price.  (12/2/2012)
    • Excerpt:  A Times investigation has examined and tallied thousands of local incentives granted nationwide and has found that states, counties and cities are giving up more than $80 billion each year to companies. The beneficiaries come from virtually every corner of the corporate world, encompassing oil and coal conglomerates, technology and entertainment companies, banks and big-box retail chains.
  • Lines Blur as Texas Gives Industries a Bonanza.  (12/3/2012)
    • Excerpt:   Along with the huge job growth, the state has the third-highest proportion of hourly jobs paying at or below minimum wage. And despite its low level of unemployment, Texas has the 11th-highest poverty rate among states.
  • Michigan Town Woos Hollywood, but Ends Up With a Bit Part.  (12/4/2012)
    • Excerpt:   And when temporary construction workers were excluded from the tally, Pontiac’s records show, the studio reported only two employees in 2010 and 12 the next year.  (versus the 3600 promised.)

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