Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eastern Shores Library System Takes the Next Step in Its Merger Inquiry

The following information is from "Next Step in the Merger Inquiry" an article in the November 2012 issue of The Library Connection, the Eastern Shores Library System's monthly newsletter.

Some of the differences in system services offered include:

Winnefox Library System  (30 member libraries)
  • Acts as a clearing house for ILL requests 
  • Uses WorldCat instead of WISCAT. 
  • Staff dedicated to continuing education
  • Does not provide delivery to all member libraries every day
  • Delivery hub for sorting
  • Coordinates booking of summer library performers.
  • Graphic artist on staff who designs and produces all printed and promotional materials for member libraries and programs, including summer reading program and National Library Week
  • Provides cooperative purchasing and physical processing of library materials
  • Barcodes and enters data for processed materials into shared catalog
  • Has a mascot
  • Provides catalog database maintenance under contract with Oshkosh PL
Waukesha County Library System  (16 member libraries)
  • Staff dedicated to continuing education.
  • Uses a private vendor for delivery service throughout their system.
  • Homebound delivery service.
  • Provides grants to member libraries for summer reading program materials
  • Provides funds for three summer library program performers at each member library
  • Organizes group purchases of database and ebooks funded on a per capita assessment on member libraries
  • Does not offer tech support for local pc's 
  • Does not offer centralized cataloging of materials
Manitowoc-Calumet Library System  (6 member libraries)
  • Provides grants to member libraries for summer library program materials  
  • Does not offer centralized cataloging of materials

Library system staffing levels:

Questions to be answered at a December 18th meeting with the directors of Manitowoc-Calumet, Waukesha, and Winnefox Library Systems
  • Based on your current services and structure, please develop a list or chart which shows what a member library would receive as cash grants. 
  • What fees would a library pay for system services and Integrated Library System (ILS) service; and describe specific services libraries receive. 
  • Based on your current county library service plan and/or library system plan, please describe how your system reimburses or compensates libraries for crossover borrowing within a county and/or within the system. (Crossover borrowing is the borrowing of materials from Library A by residents of libraried community B). Does net lending and net borrowing factor into the reimbursement/ compensation? 
  • Do you coordinate or negotiate countywide library service plans and payments? 
  • Please describe your ILS participation formulas, and provide examples of fee calculations. 
  • What is your system's role in providing centralized ILL service to your member libraries? 
  • What is the ILS policy for local holds going to local patrons first before being available to other libraries' patrons? 

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A few clarifications:

Winnefox has 30 libraries, not 28.

We provide centralized cataloging, one part of which is catalog database maintenance.

And information on printing can be found at

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