Wednesday, November 9, 2016

UPDATE. The Reddest Part of Oklahoma is the Panhandle (2016 edition)

Source:  CNN

Original 11/17/2012 post, "The reddest part of Oklahoma is the Panhandle", starts here.,

Oklahoma's Panhandle public libraries
  • Soutar Memorial Library, Boise City (Cimarron County)
    • Population served: 3,004
    • Collection size:  11,047
    • Annual circulation:  6,983
  • Guymon Public Library (Texas County)
    • Population served:  10,667
    • Collection size:  30,170
    • Annual circulation:  45,117
  • Beaver County Pioneer Library
    • Population served:  5,636
    • Collection size:  13,107
    • Annual circulation:  7,482
  • Buffalo Public Library (Harper County)
    • Population served:  1,160
    • Collection size:   8,642
    • Annual circulation:  2,210  
  • Shattuck Public Library (Ellis County)
    • Population served:  1,247
    • Collection size:  9,118
    • Annual circulation:  4,837
All statistical information from lib-web-cats, an international directory of libraries.

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