Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nels Pau has something on the open hold shelves

Am I concerned with this Wheel of Fortune giveaway?

No, the item was placed so the spine, with author/title information, wasn't visible.

And, personally, I don't care if people know I'm listening to a Joyce Carol Oates audiobook.  (On CD.  In the car.  Where I do most of my listening.)

A year ago, I hadn't read anything by this prolific writer.  Since then I've listened to all but one of the unabridged titles available in LINkcat.  (Kate Reading's performance of Little Bird of Heaven is particularly memorable.)

I'm increasingly disappointed that I haven't been able to find copies of American  Appetites, We Were the Mulvaney, Them, and Blonde.  Interlibrary loan was of no help.  The Anchorage Public Library refused to part with its copy of We Were the Mulvaneys.  Hey, folks up yonder, we in Wisconsin are very responsible when it comes to ILL.  In fact, our state is the exemplar of resource sharing among all types of libraries.

Institute of Museum and Library Services

The Top Ten States
Institute of Museum and Library Services

I haven't done enough research to know if this is a collection development request or a plea to audiobook "publishers".

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