Monday, August 20, 2012

Breaking Down Governor Walker's Budget Instructions to State Agency Heads


Page 1, paragraph 1
Bashing unnamed past administrations.
  • Delayed payments
  • Raided segregated funds
  • Used federal stimulus for ongoing operational expenses

Page 1, paragraph 2
Tooting his own horn.

Page 1, paragraph 3
Some polishing up and there just might be a campaign song here.  "The new days of fiscal responsibility are here, and our broader economic recovery is gaining speed."

Page 1, paragraph 4
Building blocks
Questions and answers Act 10 and Act 32

Page 1, paragraph 5
Cost pressures remain in some area
  • Medicaid
  • Corrections
  • K-12
  • Higher education
"....I plan to guide Wisconsin into increasingly stronger fiscal climates...."

Page 1, paragraph 6
Improved business rankings (2012)
  • CNBC's "Top States for Business:  Wisconsin at #17, though still behind Minnesota (11). Iowa (12), Indiana (14).
  • Chief Executive magazine:  
    • Wisconsin at #20, up from #24 in 2011 and #41 in 2010.  (RG:  In this survey, one would be forgiven to think that perception is everything.)
    • "This year, 650 business leaders responded to our annual survey, up from 550 in 2011."  (RG:  Doesn't sound very scientific to me.)
Economic initiatives
  • Continuing role for Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
  • "...venture capital initiatives to push for and provoke much needed entrepreneurial development."  (RG:  I would substitute "encourage" for "provoke".)

Page 2, paragraph 1
Skilled and modern workforce (RG:  weak on specifics)
  • "...implementing programs to train our friends and neighbors".
  • "With innovative and strategic worker training....."

Page 2, paragraph 2
Transforming Wisconsin's education system
  • Merit-based staffing (teacher evaluation model)
  • Continuing focus on 3rd grade reading scores
  • Improved overall education outcomes.  

Page 2, paragraph 3
Integration of private sector and educational institutions
  • Better balance of employment-based education and liberal arts
  • Increase online learning opportunities

Page 2, paragraph 4
Infrastructure investments
  • Transportation
    • Fund "common sense" projects (RG wonders, speaking in code?)
    • End raids on transportation fund to maintain roads and bridges
  • Telecommunications  (RG:  The word is used once, and then it seems as though the subject slipped from his mind by the time he reached the end of the paragraph.)
  • Energy
    • Diversify supply
    • Balance of cost and sound science
    • "...ever aware of environmental impact".
    • Lift state's nuclear moratorium

Page 3, paragraph 1
Key phrases
  • good stewards
  • will not raise taxes
  • seeking a smaller and more efficient government

Page 3, paragraph 2
Specific instructions
  • General purpose revenue (GPR)
  • Segregated revenue (SEG).  "Same zero-growth targets"
Focus of agency requests
  • Enhancing state's economy
  • Advancing goals set forth in these budget instructions

Page 3, paragraph 3
Budget requests due September 17, 2012.

Page 3, paragraph 4.
Thank you.

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