Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going Down: 63......47........37 Hours Per week

Excerpt:   The library district, which operates from a special library fund, is laying off four employees to close a $310,000 deficit, according to library director Kathy Pinnell. (North Las Vegas libraries receive their funding mainly from declining property tax revenue and library fines.) 

The layoffs necessitate the reduced hours of 37 to 47 hours a week, Pinnell said. Before the recession, North Las Vegas libraries were open about 63 hours a week, Pinnnell added. The reduced hours — effective July 1, the start of fiscal 2013 — will impact two North Las Vegas libraries: 

Alexander and Aliante libraries. Alexander Library's hours of operation will be reduced from 47 hours a week to 37 hours per week. Aliante Library's hours of operation will be reduced from 56 hours a week to 47 hours a week. 

The North Las Vegas Library, 2300 Civic Center Drive, will keep its current hours of operation. 

The library budget cuts come as demand for library services has risen during the recession, Pinnell said.

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