Monday, June 18, 2012

GalleyCat Not Happy with These Master's Degree Rankings

Library & Information Science Ranked Worst Master’s Degree for Jobs. (GalleyCat, 6/18/2012)

Excerpt:  No matter what you think, librarians need our support right now. Use our best library people on Twitter list to find the librarians working near you and go visit your local librarians. Over at Reddit, a number of librarian readers are debating the topic. We’ve included some of their thoughts below… [click on article link]

The Best And Worst Master's Degrees For Jobs. (Forbes, 6/8/2012)

Excerpt: Library and information science degree-holders bring in $57,600 mid-career, on average. Common jobs for them are school librarian, library director and reference librarian [let's allow Mia Breitkopf to help Forbes take its blinders off], and there are expected to be just 8.5% more of them by 2020. The low pay rank and estimated growth rank make library and information science the worst master’s degree for jobs right now. 

Biology, chemistry and history degrees are also toward the bottom of the list—but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. If you’re passionate about these fields, the lower pay and slimmer job prospects shouldn’t deter you from pursuing a master’s.

My younger son just changed his major from zoology to history, for which he has always had a passion.


steev said...

it makes sense, though, from an economic standpoint, that MLIS would be a bad master's choice; you get yourself tens of thousands of dollars in debt and in return a fine public service job with a starting pay of less than $40,000. the tone of the article was not disparaging librarians or what we do, rather the amount of money we make vs. the cost of the degree. it's "forbes", they are interested in $$$$. at the risk of generalizing, i would bet that most librarians are not interested in being wealthy.

Gerard said...

Ha! I am very interested in being wealthy. I am uninterested in the jobs that make you wealthy.