Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nielsen's Cross-Platform Report: Developments to Watch (Outlined)

Developments to watch:

Traditional TV viewership
  • Dropped by 0.5%, or 46 minutes per month since last year.
  • Possible reasons
    • Leveling off after period of sustained growth
    • Weather and economic factors
    • Other viewing options
  • Live TV declines
    • Adoption of DVRs
    • Transition to timeshifited viewing
Defining the TV home
  • Slight decline noted in fall 2011
  • Growing number of choices
  • How to incorporate these changes in terms of who and what is measured and reported.

Kids' viewing
  • Timeshifted viewing up 20% over last year
  • Competition from mobile phones, tablets, DVRs and game consoles
"The Best screen available" goes mobile
  • 50% of mobile phones are smart phones
    • Improving screens
    • Internet connectivity
  • The new portable TV
Cable provider-enabled timeshifting
  • Video-on-demand
  • Cloud-based DVRs

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