Friday, May 4, 2012

Menomonie Public Library Opens Branch in Elk Mound

A pick-up and drop-off location, but a step forward as  Elk Mound residents work to achieve their dream of a library/community center.

Elk Mound branch library opens at Village Hall. (Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 5/2/2012)

The article was also posted on the Chicago Tribune website.

Excerpt:   Residents are working to raise money to build a library and community center adjacent to Elk Mound's Village Hall. 

For now a small room in the Village Hall, E206 Menomonie St., serves as the village's library branch. 

Patrons can drop off materials at an outside drop-off box or inside the office. They also can pick up materials for which they have placed holds via the Internet or sign up for a library card. 

"Dunn County has always wanted to do something in this area of the county," said Ted Stark, director of the Menomonie Public Library. 

The Dunn County Committee on Administration, at the recommendation of the Community Resources and Development Committee, approved spending $2,500 to help cover costs of the Elk Mound library branch. 

Stark said the county pays about $80,000 to $100,000 annually, primarily to Eau Claire, for library services to Dunn County residents. 

The current library site is small, perhaps 150 square feet, Stark said, quipping it may be one of the smallest libraries in the world. 

"This is an experiment," Stark said of the Elk Mound branch. "I think it will take off."

Dunn County & environs public library locations
Dunn County (orange)
Chippewa County (red)
Eau Claire County (blue)
Pepin County (green)
Pierce County (purple)
St. Croix County (yellow)
All counties are members of the Indianhead Federated Library System

From the Can't-Help-Myself Department.  Nice to know that if you're in Downsville, it's just a short drive to Comfort.

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Wonder if being in Falls City is how folks get to Downsville. Comfort would also be a nice change from Exile in Pierce County! Mara Munroe