Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Press "V" for Vexation: Cheryl Becker and I are on the Same Page Here

She screams; I utter a profanity or 2.  Or 3.

Making Customers Work Too Hard, a 5/14/2012 post from Cheryl Becker's blog.

Take a look at how some Wisconsin public libraries go beyond the basics.  (Good examples of how to do it.)


[Hover arrow over staff member's name on this webpage and a picture will appear in upper right-hand corner.]


cherylb said...

Thanks for the share, Paul. How often are we on the same page, do you think? ;-)

Paul Everett Nelson said...

Quite frequently, I'd say. What's that expression.....?

Shannon Barniskis said...

I agree, and I'd take it one step further--add your staff photos to the site. I have found this very useful. Patrons often forget the names of staff members who have served them for years, then were able to connect faces and names when looking on the webpage. Put a face on your work!

The Lomira Library's "About Us" page shows staff photos, email links, etc.

Kristin said...

Are you saying that these are good examples? Or examples of librarians taking it too far?

Kristin said...

Are you saying these are good examples? Or examples of libraries taking it too far?

Paul Everett Nelson said...

Good examples, Kristin. Definitely! I decided not to include what I thought were not-so-good examples. (I added this clarification in the post.) Shannon, on Middleton's staff webpage, if you hover the arrow over the name, a picture will appear in the upper right-hand corner.

Shirley Miller said...

Thanks for including VPL as a good example.