Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Jersey State Library Encourages Strategic Planning Process at Local Level

Libraries in Summit, Chatham and Madison work to keep in line with dwindling funds. (Independent Press, 4/2/2012)

Excerpt: While strategic planning sessions for the Madison Public Library were going on last week, staff at the Summit Free Public Library were preparing to shut down on Sunday, April 1, and every other Sunday for the remainder of the year, because of a lack of funds. 

It's a financial crisis facing many local libraries as they struggle to balance increased usage, increased demand for items to be used on new technologies and decreased funding. The strategic planning sessions may eventually provide an insight into how libraries will be able to achieve this balance. 

Madison Library Director Nancy Adamczyk said on Monday, "One of the current initiatives by officials at The New Jersey State Library is a request that local libraries undertake a strategic planning process in a timely fashion. Madison, which has developed a strategic plan in the past, undertook the most recent project this winter from a local and a state library perspective.

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