Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ground Floor @ Janesville's Hedberg Public Library

Timeline created from information provided in newspaper article.

Friends of Hedberg Public Library brew up their own success story. (Janesville Gazette, 4/18/2012)

Excerpt:   The Ground Floor serves coffee, other beverages and prepackaged drinks and snacks. It also sells gift items, such a greeting cards made by local artists, used books, CDs and books on tape. It includes a seating area and Wi-Fi. The remodeling included a public meeting room. 

Burdette Richter, administrator of the friends group and The Ground Floor manager, works 24 hours a week, and two other paid employees help on weekends. The friends pay all three salaries. 

Richter draws from a bank of about 45 volunteers to run the shop. He sometimes steps in if someone can’t make a shift, but volunteers provide almost all the labor. Richter said he finds that amazing.

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