Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet Jayne Rowsam, Waunakee Public Library Staff Member

Jayne Rowsam: This bibliophile joined local library staff. (Waunakee Tribune, 3/21/2012)

Excerpt: Rowsam started working at the Waunakee library as temporary help with the summer reading program, but it wasn't long before she was an invaluable member of the staff. The transition from book retail to library work was smooth. Rowsam says there are many similarities, especially in the approach to helping customers/library patrons. She's been impressed by the turnout for library programs in Waunakee and the collections offered there. She "was floored" by the story boxes offered for checkout, and enjoys watching the children trying to choose one. Rowsam says she's excited every day to go to work; every day is different and she loves her coworkers, who remind her of her Borders coworkers.

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