Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Library Building Projects: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Cedarburg:  Yes.
Milwaukee East Library Branch.  Yes.
North Shore Library.  No.

Glendale council votes against funding proposal for new library. (Glendale Now, 2/28/2012)

Excerpt:   In 2010 the four communities approved the expansion of the existing North Shore Library at its present location, 6800 N. Port Washington Road. The library, crowded and in need of additional space, would expand into additional space on the first and second floor of the four-story building. 

North Shore library communities (boundaries approximate)
Glendale, Fox Point, Bayside, River Hills

Glendale owns the first floor space where the library is currently housed and since 1984 when it opened, the four communities have paid a dollar a year under a 50-year lease to rent the space from the city. The city gained ownership of the space as part of tax-incremental financing agreement that led to the construction of the building as well as the nearby Coventry Apartments.

North Shore library board proposal to Glendale City Council.
  • City sells its portion of the building (estimated value: $1.0-$1.2). 
  • City donates proceeds to the Library Foundation to use toward new building. 
  • City pays 50 percent of the cost of a new building, as determined by existing library funding formula. 

Reaction of Glendale Mayor Jerry Tepper:  "I don't think I would like to see the city donate the cost of the existing space without it counting toward the cost of its share."

2/27/2012 Common Council agenda.  (Minutes not yet posted online.)

One more item of interest.

Whitefish Bay Village President Julie Siegel recently proposed a merger of the Whitefish Bay Public Library and North Shore Library.

History of the North Shore Library.
About the Whitefish Bay Public Library.

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