Monday, February 6, 2012

Do We Have a Plan Here?

Milwaukee should get busy and write a strategic plan. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 2/4/2012)

Excerpt:    As we argued in November when the forum's latest report on economic development was published, Milwaukee needs a real strategic plan - one that lays out a compelling vision for growing jobs, establishes policies to do that, strictly measures those policies and then holds city officials accountable for the results.

Milwaukee doesn't have such a plan. The city's neighborhood plans and its citywide plan aren't enough. The good work conducted in recent years by the Milwaukee 7 regional economic development group isn't enough. The city needs its own strategic road map that dovetails with that of the region.

Seems to me, as important as it is to Milwaukee's long-term viability, a plan that focuses primarily on "growing jobs", to the exclusion of neighborhoods, housing, community facilities, education, and transportation, for example, is thinking inside the bubble.

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