Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wisconsin Read to Lead Task Force Recommendations

From the "Dear Fellow Wisconsinites" letter signed by Scott Walker and Tony Evers.

As a result of the Task Force’s work, we are advancing an aggressive action plan to improve reading outcomes in Wisconsin, including:
 • Early literacy screening for all four and five year old kindergartners;
 • Improvements to teacher preparation programs around early reading, including a new, more rigorous, reading exam for reading educators;
 • Aggressive professional development opportunities to enhance the skills of current reading educators, including a new online professional development portal and an annual reading conference; and 
• Creation of a public-private partnership to engage Wisconsin philanthropies and businesses around the goal of ensuring every child can read by the end of 3rd grade. 

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Anonymous said...

OK, they should have included one or more boys in the picture. They should have ensured that all of the children were actually looking at their fake books. Finally, two of the four action plan items are on reading educators. Maybe they should have had a librarian and teacher in the picture. I guess we aren't as photogenic as children.