Saturday, January 14, 2012

Save Our Rockford Library (SOL) Calls for More Public Input in Library's Strategic Planning

Rockford Public Library's digital strategy defended. (Rockford Register-Star, 1/14/2012)

Excerpt: SOL members said they became especially concerned when reading about plans to close library branches, acquire the Sullivan Center, require fewer staff and weed out the library’s print collection so it can be more easily housed.  One proposal notes that the library could strive for a 90/10 ratio of digital-to-print. 

“The money spent on staff, branches and books would be funneled into the collection budget” to be spent on digital materials, said Rachel Leon, a member of SOL. “Most libraries are careful to tread into uncertain and unregulated waters of eBook lending. Publishers continue to pull their titles away from library eBook lending. ... The board is gambling with our tax dollars in uncharted territory.” 

Frank Novak, executive director of the library, said those concerns stemmed from memos and reports from him to the library’s board that were never voted on and were not made public until Friday’s news conference.“

Those are things that I’ve looked at for the long term,” he said, “what could happen in the long run.

Save Our Rockford Library (SOL) blog.

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