Sunday, December 18, 2011

Atlanta's Independent Bookstores Fight Back with "Occupy Amazon"

Bookstores losing browsers to Web. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/17/2011)

ExcerptLast weekend, Charles Robinson, who with his father, Doug, is co-owner of Eagle Eye, promoted a not so tongue-in-cheek Facebook campaign against their arch-nemesis: Amazon.

Dubbed “Occupy Amazon,” it was in response to what Robinson and other metro Atlanta independents saw as a cheeky weekend promotion by the online Goliath. Amazon offered shoppers 5 percent off certain purchases if customers would go to a brick and mortar store, scan the price of any item they wanted to purchase, then share the sticker price and the location of the store with Amazon. In the promotion, Amazon said doing so would allow the company to “ensure the best prices possible to all Amazon customers.”

The Robinsons suggested that in response, loyal customers should “Occupy Amazon” by turning off their smart phones and going to actual independent book stores and purchasing actual ink and paper books

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