Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Part-Time Employee Access to Medical Care Benefits: Private Industry vs. State and Local Government

Double-dipping on this editorial.

Another place to find savings. (Beloit Daily News, 11/7/2011)

Excerpt:    It also should be noted that expensive benefit packages for part-time employees certainly are not limited to a handful of people at the library. In fact, it is not unusual at all to find part-timers with full benefit packages in municipal government, counties and the public schools.  [I don't know about the rest of you, but, in fact, when I was Director at the Middleton Public Library, benefits for part-time city staff were pro-rated.]

Eliminating such benefits - bringing government in line with common practices in the private sector - could save millions statewide

And how common is this practice?

According to a 7/26/2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics news release, "Employee Benefits in the United States - March 2011", 23% of employees in private industry have access to medical care benefits versus 26% in state and local government.  No yawning chasm here.

See for yourself.

A screenshot of page 1 of the news release.

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