Sunday, November 6, 2011

Many Wisconsin Township Governments Unable to Use Governor Walker's Tools

Townships of Wood County

Some small towns struggle with state cuts to shared revenue. Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, 11/5/2011)

Excerpt: Changes in state shared revenue and employee contribution laws have helped the budgets of some municipalities, but many smaller communities are struggling to make up for a reduction in state aid.

To help municipal governments deal with a reduction in shared revenue -- a state program that distributes Wisconsin taxes to local governments -- state officials created a requirement that employees make contributions to their state retirement fund and group health plans. However, only a small percentage of the 1,257 towns in the state are part of the two programs, said Rick Stadelman, Wisconsin Towns Association executive director.

"We have about 233 towns in the Wisconsin retirement system and only 83 towns in the state group health plan," Stadelman said

Gotta tell you that I'm with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels on this one.

I doubt of Gov. Daniels' picture is found in any office of Wisconsin Towns Association officials.

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