Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Published: State of Wisconsin Blue Book 2011-12

Barish’s last Blue Book one to remember. (, 11/9/2011)

Excerpt: Larry Barish’s first Blue Book was a little unusual. The cover of the 1987-88 edition was essentially glued on inside out.

His final book will be unique as well. The 2011-12 Blue Book is thicker than normal, requiring a curved spine that will stick out on any bookshelf stocked with biennial editions of what's been dubbed the Bible of Wisconsin government.

Barish is retiring later this year from the Legislature Reference Bureau after 41 years, including the past 24 as the Blue Book editor. And though he modestly calls it “an acceptable book,” the new edition will go down in state publishing history as one to remember.

For one thing, its publication was delayed to include the Senate recall elections this past summer. And, the new edition includes color photos of Capitol protests.

The first noticeable difference is the size. Even though at 971 pages it’s 14 pages shorter than the previous edition -- the books are statutorily limited to 1,000 pages or less -- it’s almost a quarter-inch wider.

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