Monday, October 17, 2011

Todd Barry might want to check his facts

Tax experts talk wheel tax. (Janesville Gazette, 10/16/2011)

Excerpt: Some believe a wheel tax hits low-income people harder, and others view it as a hidden tax.

"When you're one of the first (to impose a wheel tax), you're going to call attention to yourselves, and you are going to be more vulnerable," Berry said. "There have been statewide elections won or lost on taxes on vehicles. It is something that gets people's attention."

Berry said the tax is regressive, hitting low-income people harder.

"Everybody has a car, and not everybody has a house," he said
. [Emphasis added.]

List of U.S. (minimum 100,000 population) with most households without a car.  Based on 2000 census, though I doubt the numbers have changed dramatically.   More recent data for New York City show 54% of households without a car.

Wisconsin data.  From the 2000 census.  Not quite everybody.  And again, I can't imagine dramatic changes here.

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