Friday, October 14, 2011

Retiring Guy's Fact Checker: Median Age, Manitowoc County vs. State of Florida

Manitowoc school enrollment sees significant decline. Adjusted student count drops 142 from 2010. (Manitowoc Herald-Times-Reporter, 10/13/2011)

Excerpt: "Our county's median age is now older than the state of Florida's median age," Manitowoc Public School District Board President Michael] Herrity said. "And we're quite a bit older than the rest of the state of Wisconsin."  [Emphasis added.]

Really?  I asked myself.

My wife is from Manitowoc County -- Two Rivers; Trivers to locals -- so I'm familiar with the area.  At first glance, Herrity's statement seemed to be a slight stretch.

But as it turns out......

Manitowoc County: 41
Florida: 40.7

Retiring Guy rates Herrity's statement "TRUE".

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