Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Marshall Community Library is Ready for Its Close-Up

Marshall library to be featured in national catalog. (Waterloo-Marshall Courier News, 10/12/2011)

Excerpt: When national library supply service DEMCO was searching for a library to host a photo shoot for the company’s annual catalog, the natural lighting and large windows in the Marshall Community Library made the decision a bit easier.

In September, DEMCO Media Services Supervisor Tina Farwell paid a visit to 10 Madison-area libraries in search of the perfect location to host a photo shoot for the company’s 2012 catalog. When Farwell arrived at the Marshall library, the design elements of the building fit perfectly into what she was looking for.

“We wanted to find a library that it’s in the same area that Demco is, the Madison area. Usually you try to find a local place that we can find the right look,” Farwell said.

The supervisor said the selection process involves the catalog designers sketching photo shoot ideas and incorporating furniture and products into the sketches. From there, it’s up to Farwell to find a location that fits with the drawings, including good natural lighting, a large enough area, and the right carpet and wall coloring.

When she visited the Marshall library, Farwell said the corner area intended for the shoot offered the proper elements the design team had in mind.

“It looked out onto the playground, there’s really nice landscaping around the outside so we wanted to be able to show a little bit of the outside as well as the furniture we’re showing on the inside too,” Farwell said

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