Monday, October 24, 2011

Lyndon Station, Wisconsin: How much growth were they anticipating?

Water woes in Lyndon Station. (Juneau County Star-Times, 10/20/2011)

Excerpt: The cash-strapped village of Lyndon Station faces some tough choices in the coming weeks as it deals with an underfunded public sewer system that needs more money to operate than current user fees are supplying.

"You're looking at anywhere from a 15 to a 30, 40 percent [sewer rate] increase if you really were going to take care of it all at once," certified public accountant Deb Welch told the Village Board at a special meeting last week.

The problem has been developing for years, village President David Klicko said - since 1999 when the village's new sewer plant was built.

"The plant was put in with the expectation of growth in the village," Klicko said.
But growth did not happen. The sewer plant is also more expensive to operate than it might have been had officials selected other available options for treating sewage.

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