Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Reason Why Township Government is Obsolete

Hull considers restricting bikers, walkers, runners on roads. (Stevens Point Journal, 10/11/2011)

Excerpt: The town of Hull is considering restricting bike and pedestrian use on some of its roads, a measure one advocacy group says is illegal.

A town public safety committee, which examined general safety on town roads this summer, came up with a draft ordinance in September that requires biking, running or walking groups to register their travel plans with the town or bans them from using roads outright.

The ordinance is in response to what town officials say is a growing problem with road safety, but local groups are concerned about the impact on biking and running in the town.  
{Emphasis added.]

Here are the relevant statistics for the 32-square-mile town from the past 10 years:

  • 5 pedestrian-car crashes
  • 1 bike-car crash
  • No such accidents have occurred since 2008..

I hope Town of Hull residents aren't paying Holdridge and the Supervisors for this nonsense.

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