Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's take a closer look at those library visit numbers, Bill

Seems as though some folks don't want to let facts to get in the way of their opinions.

Michigan Public Libraries
Annual visits, hours open, visits per hour

In the past five reporting period, visits, hours, and visits per hour have all shown significant increases.

Detroit Librarysaurus. (The Michigan View, 9/19/2011)

The Michigan View bills itself as "Michigan's best conservative news, blogs writers and personalities".

Excerpt:    Detroit is not the only city to experience a huge transition from the conventional library to the era where quick access to knowledge is a keystroke away. As digital information and expanded use of popular online resources like Yahoo, Google and Bing search engines become popular, library visits have declined - especially among young people.  [Emphasis added.]

Based on annual visits, use of Wisconsin public libraries remains strong.

Wisconsin Public Libraries
Annual visits, hours open, visits per hour, 2001-2010

Additional excerpt: In regards to neighborhood libraries, we may be turning the last page of their final chapter. They are going the way of the dinosaur. Any reluctance by library officials to curb their deterioration will only hasten the entire system's rapid slide into extinction.

Who's the dinosaur?

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