Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doctor's Orders: Read to Your Baby

Creating the reading and library habits.

Doctor's orders: Read to baby. (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/18/2011)

Excerpt: When Tamia Howard's twin daughters were born premature, at just 28 weeks, she feared they would have learning deficits all their lives.

But Trude Haecker, the girls' pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, had a suggestion:

"Keep reading to them. Read aloud. Read every day," Howard recalled the doctor advising.

Now 15, Tiarra and Tamairra Ferguson are high school freshmen - strong students in Philadelphia School District magnet schools, high-achieving girls with a deep affection for reading.

Their mother credits Reach Out and Read as a reason for their success. The organization promotes early literacy and school-readiness through pediatricians

Wisconsin Early Learning Initiative

Still required reading more than 25 years after its publication.  "Creating the Library Habit", by Barbara Will Razzano, Library Journal, February 15, 1975. (LINK to ERIC record.)

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