Saturday, September 3, 2011

Controversy Over "New Hires" @ the Manitowoc Public Library

Union rep blasts library director for 'boast'. Employees rehired at lower wage. (Herald-Times-Reporter, 9/2/2011)

Excerpt: A union representative for Manitowoc Public Library workers said Friday its director, Cherilyn Stewart, "should be ashamed to boast about returning long- term employees to work by gutting their wages and benefits."

On Thursday, a news release stated Therese Horstketter and Vera Vogel had been rehired after a several-month layoff.

"Both employees had worked 35 hours per week and received benefits including vacation, sick leave, personal time and health insurance," Mark De Lorme, staff representative for AFSCME Council 40, wrote in an email to the Herald Times Reporter.

"Their current positions are 15 hours per week and do not include any of these benefits," De Lorme said . "They are also paid less per hour than they were before for doing the exact same work."

Rachel Muchin Young, the library's outreach and development director, said Vogel and Horstketter are again serving as circulation assistants in their part-time positions.

They had been making about $17 per hour before being laid off, but Horstketter said Friday they are considered new hires, with beginning level pay of $13.95 an hour, following termination earlier this year

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