Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sen. Dale Schultz's Statement on August 9 Recall Elections

August 10, 2001

Excerpt:  Last night’s election results don’t change anything for me other then I’m sorry to lose my friends from the Senate. I’m the same guy and believe the same things as when folks re-elected me last fall. They made it clear; job creation and the economy is the number one priority along with protecting our elderly, and improving education. And above all, they expect me to work across party lines to get it done.

These elections shouldn’t be about any one person or agenda because as I’ve traveled from Reedsburg to Janesville, Richland Center to Beloit, I see folks still looking for work and concerned about housing. They aren’t interested in political winners and losers, they’re interested in results.

That’s why I’ve been working both within my party as well as with my Democrat colleague, Senator Tim Cullen, to build bipartisan relationships to get things done.

I’m a life-long Republican, proud of our roots, and I plan to stay a Republican. I also plan to continue what I’ve always tried to do which is put people before politics and do what’s best for the people of my district. To me, that means working together regardless of party affiliation.  [Emphasis added.]

Something for  Gov. Walker to consider with Republicans having the slimmest of majorities (17-16) in the State Senate.

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