Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kilbourn Public Library 2012 Budget Development

Library asks for same amount from city of Dells. (Wisconsin Dells Events, 8/12/2011)

Excerpt: The Kilbourn Public Library Board approved asking the city of Wisconsin Dells for the same funding it received last year, but is still waiting to see how much it can plan to budget with from funds from the Village of Lake Delton.

At a meeting Aug. 4, Library Director Cathy Borck presented a budget that asks for $247,737 from the city. It is the same amount that was budgeted for 2011, and the board decided to request the funds even though the city clerk is asking departments to decrease budgets by 5 percent this year.

Borck said she figured on increases in cost of fuel, water and light and alarms. Fuel is budgeted at $3,500, and water and light at $14,610. In 2010, fuel cost $2,673 and water and light cost $10,138.

The board believed before that it would be limited in paying back its $2.5 million bond for the library addition with only monies coming from the surrounding counties that also support the library. But Borck said when the maintenance of effort requirement that required municipalities to fund their libraries at an average of what they funded them at for the previous three years was discontinued, it also gave libraries more flexibility on which monies can be used to pay back borrowed funds.

Borck said even though the state law regarding maintenance of effort was ended, she expects the library to be funded at least by the three-year average of previous year funding because it is written into the agreement between the city of Wisconsin Dells and village of Lake Delton.
  [Emphasis added.]

Borck also said the library is being asked to compare what it spends on janitorial services now to what the bids coming in show for how much it would cost to contract with a service. The city of Wisconsin Dells is considering contracting out for certain services

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