Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Expanded Hours @ the Brooklyn Public Library: The Union President's View

Library chief squeezes union workers to add Saturday hours. (The Brooklyn Paper, 8/17/2011)

Excerpt:    Johnson’s reworked schedules won’t bring back any Sunday hours, but will add an average of eight hours to branch schedules beginning on Sept 10.

Eileen Muller, president of the Brooklyn library workers’ union, Local 1482, said that the new hours will give staff less time to prepare programs and make it more difficult for custodians to keep branches clean.

“It would be easier for the staff if they had that extra time in morning,” said Muller. “Unfortunately, the library is trying to make light of the work we have to do behind the scenes.”

She added that library employees who come in prior to opening don’t make overtime pay, but supervisors can rework schedules based on workload.

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