Friday, August 19, 2011

Developer's Proposal Includes Land for a New Waunakee Public Library

An answer to Waunakee's library location? (Waunakee Tribune eNews, 8/17/20911)

Excerpt: In a letter to the village board, the Tierneys ask that 22 acres of the 44-acre parcel in southwestern part of the development be used for the following:

"School (private or public); park, playground and open space, including public facilities; health care services (excluding hospitals); hotel or extended stay facility; day care, general; place of worship; general government offices; public safety facility, community or neighborhood center, library and museum; general retail sales; business and personal services; veterinary clinic (excluding animal boarding); auto-related business; entertainment and sports facilities; and restaurant."

The letter goes on to offer a donation of land for a library.

"We intend to donate, if the village accepts, a 4-acre parcel within the 22-acre parcel for a new village library, in memory of Don's parents and their interest in education and reading in the Waunakee and Westport community," the letter states

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