Thursday, July 28, 2011

Waco, Texas: Home of Dr. Pepper

Soda and stories at the Dr Pepper Museum. (Los Angeles Times, 7/31/2011)

Excerpt: The drugstore is long gone, but a life-size animatronic re-creation of its pharmacist greets visitors after they enter the Dr Pepper Museum, housed in an old red-brick bottling plant in downtown Waco. The drink was made and bottled here from 1906 until 1965, when the popularity of cans made the plant obsolete.

On the building's three floors, guests can view tens of thousands of soft-drink artifacts not only from Dr Pepper but also from other brands, including more obscure ones such as Kickapoo Joy Juice. Besides old bottling machines and delivery trucks, the museum features exhibits that pay tribute to good ol' capitalism

For the armchair traveler, there's a book on the topic of Dr. Pepper.  (Owned by the Wisconsin State Historical Society Library.)

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